Cocli in French Wink!

Let’s continue our French tale by introducing you Cocli, a beautiful French brand that perfectly represents French design and couture Savoir faire.

Cocli is a creator and manufacturer brand of women and  girls clothing entirely made in France. It was created in 2014 by Claire Chardon a native of Paris. Claire has always been passionated about beautiful fabrics and ever since she was a child, she’s been sewing and knitting clothes. She created Cocli with the idea to build links through fashion.

A unique link between mother and daughter

A link between mother and child as all Lady Cocli (for women) and Mademoiselle Cocli ( for girls) collections are coordinated through a piece of fabric, a small detail or a similar pattern design.

An original link between mother and daughter

A social link, as a significant part of the fabrication is made in social and professional reintegration workshops in Paris.

A link also between all the persons involved in the creation of her collections as Claire closely works with a team of  people in France to create her line of clothes, stating with the design process and ending with the production of her line.

And finally a link with nature as she is very careful about the fabric she chooses and always prefer natural and organic material.

Slow fashion for busy women

Cocli offers a style and not a fashion trend. At Cocli, dresses are timeless; clothing are refined and unique outfits. Colors and prints are very eyes catching and symbolized French couture excellence.

Want to see and know more about Cocli? The very good news is that Claire will be presenting her latest collection during our French Wink shopping party at Marie-Lou&D on Friday May the 6th.

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