Avoid biggest Summer style mistakes

The garden parties are still at their peak, they always deliver a cherished event with lots of fun and excitement.  This event should be perfect for every lady, leaving her with memories of affection, love and pleasure while being with her beautiful and vibrant friends.  In order to make it the best of the season, you should follow these tips:

1 – No nude tights:  bare legs give a fresh and youthful look

2 – Choose a chunkier heal – thin high heels can be a hazard in grass and pebbles when you are at a garden party as they may get stuck.

3 – Keep your accessories simple:  Too many accessories can take away from the natural beauty that summer gives us.  As Coco Chanel once said “When it comes to accessories, remove the last one”. 

4– Opt for Champagne instead of red wine – You run the risk of ruining your dress with red wine.  Opt for champagne and give the garden party a more festive feel!


The perfect handmade accessories for a glamorous lady:

Accessories are a very important part of any outfit, especially when you are planning a flawless garden party.  A delicate and handmade accessory can create a classy look to your attire.  French inspired accessories are much in fashion these days and Cocli has a wide assortment of accessories that are ideal for your garden party.

Flower Bracelet

Cocli acknowledges the needs of today’s modern woman and therefore we suggest this beautiful handmade bracelet that creates a glamorous look to complement any outfit.

Butterfly Necklace

This detailed yet simple necklace will make you feel elegant at your next garden party.  The unique style of this piece is suitable to wear over covered necks or with strapless outfits. 

Golden Butterfly Cuff Bracelet

Another unique, handmade accessory is the Torque Butterfly Cuff Bracelet.  It’s simple elegance can be worn with any outfit.  It is available in gold and silver, to suit your preference.

Look fancy in a perfect outfit….

The most important thing is to choose the perfect fancy dress that suits your physical appearance, your overall style and of course your budget.  Cocli is sure to please!  We strive to know a woman’s desire to look her best, and therefore put all of our efforts into creating the best for all the lovely women out there.  In Coco Chanel’s words “Look for the woman in the dress.  If there is no woman, there is no dress”.

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