Handmade Scarves Italian designer Feltro Fashion partnering with Cocli

Salut! We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Feltro Fashion Italy. 

We met the talented ladies behind the Rochester based company, Feltro Fashion Italy, at a local fashion event a year ago. Immediately we were inspired by the creative, handcrafted pieces they had made. 

Here at Cocli, we value individuality, always placing quality above quantity, focusing our attention on the creation of timeless limited-edition pieces. The women at Feltro feel the same way, using the highest quality fabrics like wool and chiffon silk to design each piece in a unique way. They have a real savoir-faire on how to combine different fabrics, matching the colors expertly. Each piece is carefully constructed, and no two are alike. We decided straightaway to work on a collection together.

“When Claire offered this collaboration opportunity, it was definitely a no-brainer for us” says Jasmin Picariello, of Feltro Fashion Italy. “We just loved how her pieces and our pieces matched perfectly.”

At Cocli, accessories are integral to every outfit, so we extended our matching mom-and-girl concept through the accessory with Feltro Fashion. We hope you fall in love with the gorgeous, artisanal scarves that Feltro Fashion created for our fall/winter collection. We won’t be taking ours off anytime soon. :)


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