New State of Mind

Goodbye Florida, Hello Brussels!

Life in Brussels has been amazing. I have learned that when you move forward with happy spirits, things always work out. We enjoyed our short time in South Florida, especially the sandy beaches and the bright sunny days. However, I have always loved Europe and to be back in my home roots has been the best transition for my family and my company. 

New State of Mind

I am so grateful to have experienced multiple countries and cultures, yet, I have realized that no matter where I am, our environment is suffering. After participating in various events Rise For Climate and doing many hours of research, I can't stand anymore that the fashion industry is the second major contributor to pollution, and I want Cocli to stand apart and become even more eco-friendly since there is no "Planet B."

Thus, Cocli now has a new state of mind. Besides organic fabrics, we will only be using unwanted fabric from Haute-Couture fashion labels to produce our collections. Essentially, with this new concept Cocli will now recycle fabrics that will not only eliminate waste and prevent pollution, but since the fabrics are from Haute-Couture labels, the end design will be one-of-a-kind apparel.

To ensure that the pieces are one-of-a-kind, we will shortly be launching our latest "Sewn Sentence" pieces. You will soon be able to add a short phrase sewn onto your dress, custom made for you! Stay tuned for when we launch our Sewn Sentences.
'Tis the Season

The holidays are near and if you're like me, you have recently booked your family photos! That's why I am sharing my inspiration behind our upcoming Christmas Capsulecollection. The collection is still being manufactured and is on its way, just in time for your holiday occasions. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek as much as I enjoyed designing it.

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