Avoid biggest Summer style mistakes

Avoid biggest Summer style mistakes

The garden parties are still at their peak, they always deliver a cherished event with lots of fun and excitement.  This event should be perfect for every lady, leaving her with memories of affection, love and pleasure while being with her beautiful and vibrant friends.  In order to make it the best of the season, you should follow these tips:

1 – No nude tights:  bare legs give a fresh and youthful look

2 – Choose a chunkier heal – thin high heels can be a hazard in grass and pebbles when you are at a garden party as they...

Cocli in French Wink!

Cocli in French Wink!

Let’s continue our French tale by introducing you Cocli, a beautiful French brand that perfectly represents French design and couture Savoir faire.

Cocli is a creator and manufacturer brand of women and  girls clothing entirely made in France. It was created in 2014 by Claire Chardon a native of Paris. Claire has always been passionated about beautiful fabrics and ever since she was a child, she’s been sewing and knitting clothes. She created Cocli with the idea to build links through fashion.

A unique link between mother and daughter

A link between mother and child as all Lady Cocli...

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Claire Chardon moved to Syracuse from France to open a French-style boutique. Since the move she has launched a brand of coordinated dresses for women and girls.The Cocli Boutique also aims to raise support for women entrepreneurs and hosts different...

Bringing unique French fashions to Fayetteville

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